James Andrew Smith

Senior Software Engineer
Profile of Andrew Smith

Hi, 👋!

I'm Andrew and I empower others through quality software.

I aim to make software development more accessible to a wider audience. I accomplish this through mentorship, OSS, and sharing my experiences. This site is my professional profile, resume, and some learnings over my 16 year career.


Attempt to document my learnings throughout my career; coalescing into articles that predominately explain concepts and technologies.

  1. My Developer Workbench

    Show the development tools I love and how I've automated setting up my development environment.

  2. Guest Presence Detection

    Detetermine if there are guests based on when they connect to the guest wi-fi. Useful with presence based home automations.

  3. Software Craftsmanship

    Understanding of software craftsmanship and my determination to seek constant improvement.

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Presentations and workshops I've given at conferences, meetups, etc.; freely available.

  1. React with Relay and GraphQL Talk

    Focusing on GraphQL and how it may impact React in the future.

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Articles that are focused steps detailing how to accomplish specific goals.

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    Evaluation or comparison of technologies.

    1. Jest vs. Mocha: Why Jest Wins

      An early assessment of the Jest testing framework and comparisons to mocha/karma.

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