James Andrew Smith

Senior Software Engineer
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James Andrew Smith

Senior Software Engineer

Senior engineer at Microsoft, seeking principal role, with 15 years of full-stack development experience and expert knowledge of the React ecosystem. A few highlights:

  • Data-driven forecasting of timelines using only historical item completion dates; no estimates needed, only story count; github.com/andrew-codes/forecast-work
  • Worked in wide variety of industries and company sizes; exposed to many processes and tools aimed to enable agility, including Kanban, Scrum, and XP
  • Passion for front-end, but with equally vast depth of knowledge in back-end, infrastructure, and cloud technologies; including git, shell, Node.js, C#, SQL, k8s, Docker/LXC
  • Speaker and community mentor; contributed to OSS projects including Gatsby, Cypress, Glamorous, VS Code Grammarly, VersionOne SDKs and component library, Coder Dojo lessons, Hacktoberfest

Work Experience

Senior Software Engineer (64)

- MicrosoftRemote

Influential technical leader, mentor, overseeing delivery of high profile projects, with a focus on React, C#, GraphQL and microservices; advocating quality, performance, and enjoyable customer experiences.

  • Achieved 49% reduction in key user-facing performance metrics through design and execution of CQRS with GraphQL; exhibited leadership to plan and execute across 3 teams
  • Technical leadership in React, TypeScript, Redux, Node.js, C#, federated GraphQL, Microservice architecture, TDD and pair-programming practices; direct mentorship of 5 engineers
  • Instill a culture of quality by introducing React/TypeScript testing via Jest and Cypress; advocate for pragmatic TDD; increasing test coverage from 0% to 52%
  • Improve reliability, reduce complexity, and times for CI in mono-repo from hours to minutes; implementing Nx, upgrading to Yarn with PnP; breaking monolith into small NPM packages

Lead Front-End Engineer

(closed due to COVID-19) - Experience, LLCRemote

Oversaw and guided all aspects of front-end development for teams, communicated with stakeholders and executive leadership, ensured experiences that delight customers.

  • Leveraged data science team and feedback to improve customer experience via creating UX design language backed by React component library NPM packages
  • Increased teams' delivery speed and reduce requirements churn to ensure the right value is delivered through institution of "Three Amigos"
  • Mentored and guided teams of engineers; React, Redux, TypeScript, TDD; introduced Cypress E2E testing and automation

Work Experience ... continued

Senior Software Engineer

- VersionOne, CollabNetAtlanta, GA (Hybrid)

Feature lead for high-profile features on flagship ALM product; including road map visualization, time sheets, UI query filters in an XP and TDD environment. Established OSS component library package.

  • Modernized front-end by owning adoption of React, Redux stack across 4 teams; comprehensive refactor of custom ES5 modules to ES6 and reduction of technology stacks
  • Streamlined processes between UX and Engineering through the creation of React based component library and design language documentation; tested via Cypress and Storybook
  • Owned OSS JavaScript SDK with high impact to third party integrations; driving many internal business processes of Fortune 500 companies

Senior Software Engineer

- MATRIX Professional ServicesAtlanta, GA (Hybrid)

Engineer and mentor of Agile teams for major clients as a consultant engineer; focused on full-stack development in C#, JavaScript, React, and TDD; for both front-end and back-end stacks.

  • Founded company craftsman fellowship program and its curriculum; technical mentorship on engineering patterns, best practices and technologies; including React and other front-end frameworks
  • Technical leadership in JavaScript, Node.js, Knockout.js, gulp, grunt, and test frameworks: jasmine, mocha, chai, sinon, karma
  • React early adopter; pioneered its usage and incorporation into company's core competencies

Software Engineer - M*Modal

Software Engineer - Response Mine Interactive

(moved to Atlanta) -

Senior .NET Engineer - DAXKO


Software Engineer - Medseek

Software Engineer 3 - Intermark Interactive



Mentor - Community


Co-Organizer - ReactATL


Workshop Host - Learn Redux by Building It

Workshop Host - Connect.Tech Conference - React

Speaker - Connect.Tech Conference - Intro to React

Speaker - Meetup - React with GraphQL

Speaker - Connect.Tech Conference - Let's Talk about Flux

Speaker - Meetup - Let's Talk about Flux


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Columbus State UniversityColumbusGA