Andrew Smith

Software craftsman, speaker and open source contributor, Andrew is passionate about creating quality software. Although a student at heart, Andrew also mentors others to aid them on their journey.

React with Relay and GraphQL

presentations, javascript
Presentation given to Developers of Athens in late 2015; exploring React, Relay and GraphQL. Enjoy! ...

ConnectJS 2015: Let's Talk about Flux

presentations, javascript
Download the slides for my talk presented at ConnectJS 2015. Hope you enjoy! As always, feel free to contact me for any questions or to just chat about React and/or Flux. Finally, I am looking to cultivate mentor/student ...

Jest vs. Mocha: First Impressions

tdd, javascript
When developing front-end applications, my TDD tool belt consists of karma, mocha, sinon, and chai. When I first learned of Jest, I was skeptical of the new JavaScript unit testing framework and was not convinced I should make the switch. ...

Eventual Consistency of Design and the Impact of TDD

There is no shortage of opinions on the subject of test driven development (TDD) circulating the development community. I would like to share my experiences driving design and development via unit tests and how eventual consistency of design can prove ...

Software Craftsmanship

What is Software Craftsmanship? Software craftsmanship is a movement in the development community embracing the individual and focusing on a developer's quality and skill. It draws heavy influence from the apprenticeship model of feudal Europe and Asia; providing a path ...