Andrew Smith

developer, speaker, OSS contributor; lifelong learner

Software craftsman, speaker and open source contributor, I am passionate about creating quality software. As a craftsman, I am a strong subscriber to TDD and firmly believe in the emergent design of software architectures. Software development is truly dynamic and evolutionary and its architecture is less about the tools and more of an expression of its intent and usage.

Although a student at heart, I also mentor others to aid them on their journey. I do this through presentations and workshops at various conferences and also participates in mentoring programs, such as JrDevMentoring, with one-on-one mentoring and code pairing sessions.

I am an active member of the open source community and value open source software projects. As a co-organizer of ReactAtl, an Atlanta based React meetup group, I encourage others to participate and aim to make software development more accessible to a larger audience.

Being a lifelong learner, I am in constant pursuit of improvement in all things I do. My goal is to be better today than I was yesterday and to overcome, instead of succumb, to the challenges presented before me.